What Is E-Cloth?


For more than 20 years, we’ve made premium cleaning materials using superior textiles and exceptional engineering.

You want cleaning products that work. We call that Effective. 

You care about quality. We call that Exceptional Engineering.

You want fewer chemicals and don’t want to pollute your family, pets, or the world. We call that Environmentally Friendly.


E-Cloth Microfibre Cleaning Cloth Singapore

Our History

The story of our reusable, chemical-free cloths started more than twenty years ago with a guy named Steve Pearson. Intrigued by the idea of cleaning without chemicals, Steve set out to manufacture the world’s best natural cleaning system.

He started humbly, in a one-room office with a cardboard box filled with 300 premium quality microfibers, determined to bring the eco-friendly cleaning concept to as many homes as possible. 

The more he learned, the more his passion grew. To help him create the best cleaning cloth possible, Steve teamed up with an engineer and scientists. The results of that collaboration were E-Cloth’s General Purpose Cloth and Glass and Polishing Cloth.

Initial tests on popular household appliances like Neff, Miele, and Electrolux proved how well the cleaning cloths worked on stainless steel. A brand was born! 

Although E-Cloth has added dozens of specialised products, those flagship cloths are still purchased by millions of customers each year, revered for their unsurpassed ability to clean without toxic chemicals. 

Through the years, E-Cloth has remained committed to the ideal of producing reusable, chemical-free cloths that clean better than anything else. 


E-Cloth Microfibre Cleaning Cloth Singapore Home


We continually adapt and improve our engineering and have added new task-specific products to tackle unique surfaces (like your cell phone), always maintaining our high-quality standards and chemical-free policy.

Today, you can clean your floors, dishes, windows, stainless steel appliances, and even your car sustainably and without chemicals when you use E-Cloth products.

What started as one man’s vision – chemical-free cleaning that really cleans – has become a lifestyle choice for many around the globe. As more people have become intentional about embracing sustainability, E-Cloth is proud to be the partner that helps keep your home, gadgets, and car clean, without chemicals and unnecessary waste. If you’re new around here, welcome to the E-Cloth family!