Does E-Cloth Remove Bacteria?

Can E-Cloth Remove Bacteria

Proven Effective

You want to feel good about the products you choose to clean your home – and be confident they’ll do the job. That’s why we commissioned the internationally-accredited Silliker Group to test the cleaning effectiveness of select E-Cloth products and water compared to common household chemical cleaning practices. 

E-Cloth vs. Conventional Chemical Cleaners: See How We Shine

Can E-Cloth Remove Bacteria?


As the data above show, these E-Cloth products — along with many others in our line — remove over 99% of bacteria and mold, locking it away inside precision-engineered fibers, where it stays until they’re rinsed.  

Check out this video below to see the effectiveness of E-Cloths at removing bacteria!



With hundreds of five-star reviews, these E-Cloth favourites are also backed by happy customers and approved by the UK Good Housekeeping Institute. 

Effective, efficient, and economical, E-Cloth products are the smart way to clean your home without adding chemicals. Good for your family and good for the environment, using them is a win-win!