How To Use The E-Cloth Deep Clean Mop

E-Cloth Deep Clean Microfibre Mop

This mop will leave you floored.

Remove the mop head from the mop base and run under warm running water, wring it out, and then reattach using the hook-and-loop fasteners at the bottom of the mop base. Clean your (recently dusted!) floors in an ‘S’ pattern to wipe away all dirt, grime, and debris. Once the mop head is fully saturated with dirt, and/or if it needs to be rewetted, just remove the mop head, run under water, wring out, reattach, and continue mopping! When done, rinse the mop head thoroughly and hang to dry.

Our Deep Clean Mop takes the effort out of mopping. The microfiber mop head cleans all types of hard flooring, no bucket necessary.

But, first things first: Make sure to always dust or sweep your floors prior to wet mopping – no matter if you’re using our mop or another’s! This will ensure that any dust, pet hair, or loose dander on your floors doesn’t impede the mopping process. (The mop is here to clean, not dust or gather crumbs.)

Follow the steps below to mop like the pros.

1) Twist & Tighten

To start, adjust the handle to a comfortable length. The telescopic handle adjusts from 3 feet to 5 feet.

To adjust the handle, hold the bottom of the handle near the mop base while twisting the blue section of the handle. Once it’s at a comfortable height, twist in the opposite direction to tighten the handle.

2) Wet & Wring

Remove the mop head from the mop base and run the microfiber head under warm or hot running water, then gently wring it out. 

To reattach the mop head, place it on the floor, blue side down, center the mop base onto the fabric, then press down to lock the fabric into the hook-and-loop strips.

Now it’s time to clean those floors!

3) Swivel & Wipe

Wipe in an ‘S’ pattern on your floor while moving backwards out of the room or space.

Make sure to get into odd corners, too, and don’t forget that stuck-on “yucky stuff” might require extra elbow grease.

Swivel when necessary, using the long sides of the mop head to get under kitchen appliances, couches, and other tight spaces.

Pro Tip: Is Your Mop Handle Feeling Stuck?

No worries! Place the mop base on the floor directly in front of you and gently place one foot on the base to secure it. 

Use both hands to twist the end of the mop handle in a counter-clockwise direction and at the same time, pull/push the mop handle either up or down (depending on if you want to the handle to be taller or shorter), and it should move freely.

Once it’s at a comfortable height, twist in a clockwise direction to tighten the handle.

4) Rinse & Repeat

When the mop head becomes too soiled to pick up more dirt, remove it from the mop base, rinse it in a sink, and watch as all the debris rinses away!

If you have a lot of hair, dust, and other dirt stuck to your mop head that will not rinse away, try using a handheld vacuum or vacuum hose to remove the stubborn dirt.

Rewet the mop head, wring it out, and reattach to the mop base, as directed above.

When done, don’t forget to place your mop head in the laundry basket so it’ll be ready for your next mopping session. 

Put down the mop, have a look around, and enjoy your sparkling floors!

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