One Earth, Everyone’s Business

Taking care of the environment is everybody’s business. We only have one Earth and if we don’t take care of it, no one will. Did you know? About 14 billion pounds of waste end up in our oceans every year, with most of it being plastics. Nine in 10 seabirds have ingested plastic and carry it in their stomachs. A plastic bottle needs 450 to 500 years to decompose while the nearly indestructible PET containers will never decompose. A plastic bag needs 100 years to biodegrade and less than 1% of the plastic bags we take home from stores are recycled; the rest pile up in landfills or end up in the ocean.

An eco-friendly product like E-Cloth is less harmful for the environment than their regular counterparts. If more people start buying eco-friendly products, pollution will not be so rampant, our plant will have a timeout to breathe and regenerate, and our families and communities will be healthier in the long term. Besides that, eco-friendly products are great for the environment, they are also beneficial for the human health. Here are the 3 ways to adopt an eco-friendly mindset:

  • Reduce waste

It’s impossible to eliminate all waste, but we can take steps to reduce it. Since E-Cloth is an eco-friendly product, it’s made of disposable materials that contain large number of microfibers which are 1000 times finer than cotton and allow you to clean with just water. The water “charges” the product by filling the microscopic voids between and within the cloth’s fibres.

  • Invest in renewables

There are plenty ways to power your home using renewables. E-Cloth is one of the options as it normally lasts for around 300 washes. Once you’re done cleaning, you just need to rinse, or throw it in the washer if needed, and it will be ready for use the next time you need it.

  • Reduce the use of chemicals

With an E-Cloth, you’re able to ditch all the paper towels, plastic bottles, old rags, or chemicals. You just need to clean with a cloth and water, dirt and grime will be removed, leaving your home fresh, clean, and chemical-free.

Choose to reduce waste, invest in renewables and opt for chemical-free cleaning solution by choosing E-Cloth. The power to make the change is in your hands, make the change today. 

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