How To Use E-Cloth's Window Cleaning Cloth Pack

E-Cloth Window Cleaning Cloth Pack

Clean and shine in two simple steps.

Use the waffle weave Window Cloth wet to clean all windows, glass, and mirrors. Immediately follow with the Glass & Polishing Cloth to dry the surface and leave a streak-free finish.

Follow the steps below to unlock the cleaning power of our most popular product.

1) Dampen The Cloth

The Window Cloth is the cloth with the waffle weave texture, which makes it great for cleaning up all types of glass. (Hint: It has a tag in one corner that says, “Window Cloth.” When in doubt, find the tag!)

Wet your Window Cloth under warm or hot running water. Make sure the cloth is thoroughly wet, then gently wring it out. Now it’s time for the fun part.

2) Start Cleaning

Fold the cloth to ensure you’ll have multiple areas to use effectively before it becomes too soiled.

Then, wipe away all the dust, dirt, grime, and other yucky stuff with the wet Window Cloth and watch your windows spring back to life! For best results, wipe the Window Cloth in circular motions on glass, mirrors, and windows.

Now, your newly cleaned surface should be shining brightly, but it might be a little wet. And that’s OK! Now it’s time for the Glass & Polishing Cloth to steal the show.

3) Time To Polish!

Pick up your Glass & Polishing Cloth. It’s the smooth, rectangular cloth with the E-Cloth logo embossed in one corner. Don’t wet your Glass & Polishing Cloth beforehand – it makes magic all on its own!

Fold the cloth at least a couple times – again, this is to ensure you’ll have multiple dry areas within the cloth to work with – and wipe in one long, straight motion from the top of the cleaned surface down to the bottom (or from side to side; the cloth isn’t picky). 

Wipe the window (or glass or mirror!) from edge to edge in sections until the cloth has soaked up all the water that remained on the surface.

All that’s left is to enjoy your sparkling windows and rest easy knowing they’ve been cleaned with no spray bottles, chemical cleaners, or paper towels – just E-Cloth.

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