How To Use E-Cloth's General Purpose Cleaning Cloth

E-Cloth General Purpose Cleaning Cloth

Pink, blue, orange, yellow, or green… They all keep your home clean!

The General Purpose Cloth makes for a quick and easy cleaning job of even the most dirty household messes. It cleans with just water in the kitchen, living areas, bathroom, car, and more!

The cloth comes in five unique colours, all of which clean just the same. The colours are offered for you to coordinate them within your household. For example, you may choose to use the blue cloth in the bathroom, or use the green cloth on wooden surfaces, or you can use only pink cloths if you prefer – it’s all up to you!

Follow the steps below to unlock the cleaning power of our most popular product.

1) Dampen The Cloth

Run the cloth under warm or hot running water. Make sure it’s thoroughly wet, then wring it out to remove the excess water. The cloth should be damp, but not dripping.

2) Fold The Cloth

Fold the cloth over in half and then in half again to create a pad-like surface. This will ensure that you’ll have multiple areas and angles of the cloth to use and access hard-to-reach areas.

3) Get (The Cloth) Dirty

Simply draw the cloth along the surface(s) you want to clean. You may opt to wipe the cloth in circular motions, or simply wipe from edge to edge of the surface. Feel free to experiment with this, as each surface may benefit from slightly differing motions.

Keep in mind that stuck-on grime, food residue, and other pesky “stuff” may require a bit more “elbow grease” and/or a more wet cloth.

During the cleaning process, refold the cloth to access its unused sides. This will extend the time you can use the cloth before you have to rinse it.

4) Rinse & Repeat

Once all parts of the cloth become soiled, unfold the cloth and rinse it again under running water.

If you haven’t finished cleaning, rest assured that all the dirt and grime has been “flushed” from the cloth by rinsing it under running water, and you can go ahead and continue cleaning with the same cloth.

When your cleaning session is complete, give the cloth a final thorough rinse, and make sure to remove all noticeable grime and gunk from the cloth before hanging it up to dry.  

Pro Tip: Time To Polish

The General Purpose Cloth cleans all types of surfaces effectively and efficiently, but you might notice some unappealing leftover water streaks on certain surfaces.

To remove water streaks and leave a streak-free finish, use our Glass & Polishing Cloth dry immediately after cleaning with the General Purpose Cloth.

Shop the our E-Cloth to get your home so clean, you’ll never want to leave.

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