How To Use E-Cloth To Clean Your Refrigerator

E-Cloth Cleaning Cloth How To Clean Refrigerator

Our food-friendly cloths do the dirty work.

Use your favourite E-Cloth products to clean your fridge – top to bottom, inside and out! First, clear out ALL the food, sliding shelves, and removable drawers.

Scrub the stickiest spills and stuck-on food residue with our Washing Up Pad, then clean the rest of the interior areas from top to bottom with a wet General Purpose Cloth. Dry with a Wash & Wipe Dish Cloth.

Before placing food back in the fridge, make sure to clean or dispose of messy, spilled, and spoiled items as needed. Finally, close the fridge and use a Kitchen Cleaning Pack or Stainless Steel Pack to clean and polish the exterior – and don’t forget the door handles!

The refrigerator is home to our favourite foods and culinary creations, but it doesn’t get cleaned as often as other kitchen spaces.

If you haven’t cleaned out your fridge in a while, now is the perfect time to grab your favourite E-Cloth products and give your most essential kitchen appliance a much-needed refresh.

1) Clear It Out

Start by removing everything – and we mean everything – from your fridge.

Take out all the food items (even things you think you can “clean around” – spoiler alert: you can’t), and don’t forget to remove all drawers and shelves as necessary.

Sort your food, and it’s best to do so now while it’s outside of its “natural habitat.” Compost old fruit and veggies and discard expired meat, dairy, and condiments (We’re looking at you, Barely-Opened-Bottle-Of-Tartar-Sauce-From-Last-Summer). Recycle whatever old food wrappers and boxes you can and combine like-items in storage containers for better organization.

2) Scrub It Down

This is the time to use maximum elbow grease.

Take your favourite E-Cloth scrubber – such as our Washing Up Pad – and wet it with warm or hot running water. Use the scrubber to remove stuck-on food residue and clean up messy spillage.

Don’t forget to clean and tidy the top of the fridge, as well. (Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not dirty!)

3) Clean It Up

Now, clean up the remaining interior surfaces.

Use a wet General Purpose Cloth or Kitchen Cloth to wipe everything, such as shelves, compartments, and side walls. Rinse the cloth and repeat as necessary. After cleaning, dry all surfaces with a Wash & Wipe Dish Cloth.

Be sure to start with your fridge’s top shelf and work down to the bottom to prevent crumbs or drips from falling onto newly cleaned areas.

Don’t forget to also clean and dry the removable drawers and shelves. If you’d like, you can wash these in the kitchen sink with a Washing Up Pad and your favourite dish washing liquid.

4) Pack It In

Hurry up, your food’s getting col--….er, warm!

After replacing all the removable drawers and shelves you just cleaned, you might be tempted to haphazardly throw all your food back into the fridge at once – but hold on!

For the sake of cleanliness, take a moment to make sure all the food items, containers, and bags are clean and dry before placing them back in their designated area.

The cleanest fridges are also tidy fridges! Organise your remaining items based on food type, frequency of use, and other factors. It might be helpful to label each section of your fridge to encourage yourself and other household members to always replace fridge items back where they belong.  

If you encounter any food that has spilled or dripped onto the outside of its container, clean it up with a damp General Purpose Cloth to ensure that its mess won’t ruin your newly sparkling refrigerator shelves.

5) Polish All Around

We’re almost done! It’s time to make sure the outside of your fridge shines as brightly as the inside.

Take a Kitchen Cleaning Pack or Stainless Steel Cleaning Pack for a spin around your fridge’s exterior – make sure to clean and polish all the sides, doors, hinges, and handles. Use our Kitchen Cloth or Stainless Steel Cloth to clean, and our Glass & Polishing Cloth to shine.

Use E-Cloth to clean your refridgerator and tell us how it’s going with the hashtag #makeitsparkle.