How To Use E-Cloth’s Stainless Steel Cleaning Pack

E-Cloth Stainless Steel Cleaning Cloth

Get ready for real results from an effortless clean.

Use the striped side of the dampened Stainless Steel Cloth on brushed stainless steel, or use the solid side on polished stainless steel, making sure to wipe with the grain. Then, use the dry Glass & Polishing Cloth to remove leftover water residue and leave a streak-free finish.

The best stainless steel cleaner isn't a paste or a spray – it's a cloth.

At E-Cloth, we like cleaning the easy way! We don’t need chemicals, plastic spray bottles, or countless dollars spent on bottled solutions. With the Stainless Steel Cleaning 2-Pack, all you need is water and a little bit of patience.

Follow the steps below, and soon, your stainless steel appliances will be fingerprint-free and shining like new.

1) Dampen the Stainless Steel Cloth

In the Stainless Steel Cleaning 2-Pack, this is the thick, square, grey cloth that has one solid side and one striped side.

(Hint: It has a blue tag in one corner that says, “Stainless Steel Cloth.” When in doubt, find the tag!)

Wet the cloth under warm or hot running water. Make sure the cloth is thoroughly wet, then gently wring it out. Now it’s time for the fun part.

2) Clean your stainless steel

To clean brushed stainless steel, use the striped side of the dampened Stainless Steel Cloth, and make sure to follow the grain, rather than wiping against the grain. If you’re unsure of which direction to wipe, test the cloth in a small, inconspicuous area first.

Use the solid side of the cloth on polished stainless steel.

Now, your newly cleaned surface should be shining brightly, but it might be a little wet. And that’s OK! Now it’s time for the Glass & Polishing Cloth to steal the show.

QUICK TIP: Unsure if your stainless steel is brushed or polished? Brushed appliances have a slightly duller finish, and many feature what look like very fine lines on the surface of the stainless steel. Polished appliances, on the other hand, appear very smooth and reflective.

3) Finish with the Glass & Polishing Cloth

Pick up your Glass & Polishing Cloth. It’s the smooth, rectangular cloth with the E-Cloth logo embossed in one corner. Don’t wet the Glass & Polishing Cloth. It makes magic all on its own!

Fold the cloth at least a couple times – again, this is to ensure you’ll have multiple dry areas within the cloth to work with – and wipe in one long, straight motion from the top of the cleaned surface down to the bottom (or from side to side; the cloth isn’t picky).

This is important! If you’re working on brushed stainless steel, remember to wipe in the same direction of the grain, just like you did when cleaning with the Stainless Steel Cloth.

Wipe the stainless steel surface from edge to edge in sections until the cloth has soaked up all the water that remained on the surface.

All that’s left is to enjoy your sparkling stainless steel and rest easy knowing it’s been cleaned with no chemical cleaners – just E-Cloth.

4) Troubleshooting: Is your stainless steel looking streaky?

If you’re seeing streaks or a similar blotchy appearance on your appliance after cleaning as directed with our Stainless Steel Cleaning 2-Pack, don’t fret!

If you’ve used ANY chemical cleaner, spray, or paste on your stainless steel appliances in the past, keep in mind that those cleaners “clean” by leaving a residue on your appliances, which lasts long after the product was used, and can lead to residue buildup with consistent use.

When you first switch from a chemical cleaner to just our E-Cloth product and you’re seeing streakiness, just remember that the Stainless Steel Cloth has most likely removed SOME, but not ALL, of the leftover chemical residue. It usually takes a few uses with our Stainless Steel Cleaning 2-Pack to completely remove this residue, so please practice patience

Soon enough, your stainless steel appliances should be back to their like-new look.

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