How To Use E-Cloth’s Shower Cleaning Pack

E-Cloth Shower Cleaning Cloth

A sparkling shower is a few wipes away…

Use the Shower Cleaning 2-Pack to clean and shine your shower doors, tub, walls, tiles, and fixtures. Wet the Shower Cloth to remove soap scum, debris, and water residue. Follow with the included Glass & Polishing Cloth to shine your shower head, knobs, and other chrome fixtures. No lemons required.

Our Shower Cleaning 2-Pack turns the tedious task of shower care into an easy routine! With E-Cloth, you can ditch the grout brush sets, disposable scrubbers, and plastic squeegees.

Follow the steps below to get this sparkle started. 

1) (When to) hit the showers

Leave your lemons in the kitchen, and clean your showers with E-Cloth. Our cloths make it simple to clean and shine your shower, bathtub, and fixtures, with no chemicals required

But first things first – let’s clean smarter, not harder.

If you’re not already doing so, we recommend cleaning your shower every 1 to 2 weeks, depending on your household.

Glass doors can look dull and streaky and bringing them back to a shine can be a pain. After daily use, it’s best to wipe down your doors – while they’re still wet – with the Glass & Polishing Cloth included in our Shower Cleaning 2-Pack.

With the included suction hook, you may leave your cloth(s) handy in or near your shower for even speedier shining.

2) Get (the cloth) dirty

Ready to go? Start the show by removing your shower caddy, as well as any soaps, razors, and gloves that are scattered around your tub. Set them aside.

Wet the Shower Cloth – within the Shower Cleaning 2-Pack, this is the thick, square cloth. (Hint: Our cleaning cloths feature a blue tag with the cloth’s name and intended use. When in doubt, find the tag!)

Wet it under warm or hot running water, wring it out, then fold it at least two or three times into a pad-like product. This is to ensure better contact with your surfaces, and to ensure you’ll have multiple clean areas of the cloth to work with.

Start wiping the shower surface(s) that need cleaning – first focus on the less grimy areas (which may be near the top of your shower), then gradually move your way down to those dirtier parts.

Rinse the cloth when needed – this depends on your household, as well personal preference. If you notice the cloth getting too dirty to clean effectively, give it a quick rinse, another wring, then get back to wiping! 

3) Scrub smarter (not harder)

The Shower Cloth is safe and effective on nearly all shower surfaces – including acrylic, porcelain, stone, tile, grout, glass, and more. You can clean carefree, knowing you’re preserving your precious fixtures from scratches or scuffs (at least from us!).

Our cloth, when used with water, should be effective enough to remove all the grime, soap scum, and other buildup in your tub.

For heavy, set-in stains, soap scum, and limescale buildup, start the cleaning process with the Shower Cloth and warm water. Feel free to add in soap, baking soda, or another natural agent to the mix if you need a ‘lil extra performance. Cut through the tough stuff by pairing the pack with a scrubber, such as our Washing Up Pad.

4) Make it sparkle (and shine)

At last, it’s time to shine. Once you’ve finished cleaning all the surfaces inside (and just outside) your shower and tub, finish with our Glass & Polishing Cloth. This is the thin, smooth, rectangular cloth with scalloped edges that’s included in our Shower Cleaning 2-Pack (and many other clean and shine packs!)

Fold the cloth to ensure you’ll have many dry areas of it to use throughout your shower, as the cloth works less effectively the wetter it gets. Use it to dry and polish glass doors and other shiny fixtures.

Lastly, put back your shower caddy (which you should have also cleaned!) and soaps, and close the curtain (…or door).

Make sure to rinse the cloths and hang ‘em up to dry. If you notice dirt leftover on the cloth(s) after rinsing, it might be time to throw it in the wash.  

Shop the our E-Cloth Shower Cleaning Pack to get your shower so clean, you’ll never want to leave.

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