How To Clean Your Entire Home With Just 3 E-Cloth Products

Essential Must-Have E-Cloth Cleaning Products

Hint: E-Cloth Is Enough

E-Cloth started with just two cloths: The General Purpose Cloth and the Glass & Polishing Cloth. This dynamic duo can clean nearly any surface in your home. And for most hard flooring, the Deep Clean Mop cleans and shines.

Take a look around your home for a moment. Chances are high your household is overflowing with spray cleaners full of chemicals, rolls and rolls of paper towels, and a bunch of disposable mop products.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

E-Cloth provides a better clean without the chemicals, paper towels, or single-use mopping refills. The best part? E-Cloth cleans with just water, so it’s safe to use around pets and children. Our products offer a simpler clean, and our mission started with just two cloths: The General Purpose Cloth and the Glass & Polishing Cloth. We’ve since grown to offer several task- and room-specific cleaning cloths, pads, and scrubbers, but those two cloths, along with our Deep Clean Mop, hold all the cleaning power most homes need.

If you want a minimalistic cleaning routine that gets the job done, continue reading to find out how to clean your entire home with just three of our best-selling products.

General Purpose Cloth

E-Cloth General Purpose Microfibre Cleaning Cloth

The General Purpose Cloth is our “one-size-fits-all” cleaning cloth, and its results are anything but ordinary.

This cloth can be used be remove 99 percent of bacteria from nearly any hard surface in your home – including, but not limited to, kitchen appliances, sinks, countertops, wooden furniture, coffee tables, bathtubs – the list goes on and on. It’s even great on vehicle interior and exterior surfaces.

To use the General Purpose Cloth, follow these simple steps:


  1. Dampen the cloth under warm or hot running water, then gently wring out so the cloth remains damp, but not dripping
  2. Fold the cloth twice (or more) so it creates a pad-like surface, allowing you to use multiple areas of the cloth efficiently before it becomes too soiled
  3. Draw the cloth along the dirty surfaces you need cleaned, wiping in either circular motions or from edge to edge (Keep in mind that extra-dirty surfaces may require extra elbow grease or a more wet cloth)
  4. Rinse the cloth once it becomes too soiled, and watch as all the grime is flushed down the drain
  5. Repeat the process if you have more areas to clean
  6. Rinse the cloth one final time to thoroughly remove all noticeable gunk and grime
  7. Hang the cloth to fully air dry before folding and storing for its next use

Glass & Polishing Cloth

E-Cloth Microfibre Glass Cleaning Polishing Cloth

    The Glass & Polishing Cloth is our secret to a streak-free finish! It’s most commonly used after cleaning with another cloth, like our General Purpose Cloth.

    This smooth, rectangular cloth dries and, well, polishes and shines the surface.

    To use the Glass & Polishing Cloth, follow these simple steps:


    1. Clean with the General Purpose Cloth, then immediately grab the Glass & Polishing Cloth
    2. Fold the Glass & Polishing Cloth at least a couple times to create a pad-like surface – again, this is to ensure you’ll have multiple dry areas of the cloth to work with
    3. Wipe the cloth in one long, straight motion from the top of the newly cleaned surface down to the bottom (or from side to side; the cloth isn’t picky)
    4. Turn over and/or refold the cloth once one section of it becomes too wet to use effectively; you’ll find that it soaks up water residue most effectively when the cloth itself is clean and dry
    5. Rinse the cloth to remove any “sneaky” dirt, lint, or other particles that have collected onto the cloth
    6. Hang the cloth to fully air dry before folding and storing for its next use

    Deep Clean Mop

    E-Cloth Microfibre Mop Floor

    The Deep Clean Mop will leave you floored. This full-size wet mop can clean even the dirtiest floors and will leave them sparkling like never before. It’s safe for laminate, hardwood, vinyl, linoleum, and more!

    The Deep Clean Mop removes 99 percent of bacteria – using just water – and comes with one reusable mop head.

    To use the Deep Clean Mop, follow these simple steps:

    1. Adjust the handle to a comfortable length; hold the bottom of the handle near the mop base and twist the blue section of the handle while pulling outwards (up from the mop base)
    2. Remove the mop head from the mop base and run the microfiber head under warm or hot running water, then gently wring it out and reattach to the mop base
    3. Reattach the mop head by placing it on the floor, blue side down, and centering the mop base on top of the mop head
    4. Wipe in an ‘S’ pattern on your floor while moving backwards out of the room or space; make sure to get into corners and under appliances and furniture
    5. Rinse and repeat once the mop head becomes too soiled to pick up more dirt
    6. Wash the mop head after you’re done mopping to ensure it’ll be ready for your next cleaning session

    And that’s all you need to clean with E-Cloth! For beginners, the General Purpose ClothGlass & Polishing Cloth, and Deep Clean Mop are must-haves to master the concept of chemical-free cleaning.

    After you’ve gotten the hang of using E-Cloth in your home, take a look at our task-, surface-, and room-specific cleaning products. They clean and shine just like our OGs, but are precisely engineered with a single purpose in mind!

    Use E-Cloth to clean your home and tell us how it’s going with the hashtag #makeitsparkle.